5 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Egg Chair

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If you’re a James Bond or Austin Powers fan, you’d be forgiven for thinking the chair above must be a set piece straight out of Dr. Evil’s lair – just short of a Mr. Bigglesworth to complete the picture. ‘The Egg,’ or as it’s more widely (and less ambiguously) known, the Egg chair, with its boldly unique design, certainly shows a flair for the dramatic. But behind the drama, this chair has character and design smarts that have stood the test of time over six decades, finding its way across continents and into vastly different styled homes.  Here are five reasons that could make it an unforgettable addition to yours.

Black and white photo of elderly man smoking a pipeBlack and white sketch of Egg Chair with black pen laying next to it

Cracking the Egg - Impress your friends with your insider design knowledge.

The Egg chair was the brainchild of designer Arne Jacobsen, making its debut in 1958. Furniture design at the time was all about defying the boundaries without sacrificing on aesthetics and practicality. Good thing Jacobsen’s first passion was architecture – he knew how to put a design together that married form to function. (He was also professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, so we figure he knew his stuff).

The Egg is a relative of Arne’s ‘Swan’ chair designed in the same year (but let’s not get into a debate about which came first: the Egg or the Swan). Other chairs by Jacobsen have names like the Ant, the Cigar, and the Giraffe… clearly he was a man of imagination, and a bit of quirk.

Comtemporary interior with grey and blue grey hues showcasing two light blue velvet Egg Chairs

As part of a commission for the Copenhagen Royal Hotel, the Egg was designed with an ergonomic cocoon-like shape that jetsetters could nestle into for some much needed comfort and a bit of privacy, thanks to its curved wingback and swivel feature (you know, for when you just have no other way to avoid the death-stare of the bored to death four-year-old sitting across from you). 

Today there are hundreds of variations on Jacobsen’s original trademarked Egg, including the hanging Egg chair which became super popular in the 1960s.

Now you know all about the origins of the Egg, and you can impress all your guests not only with a villainously cool piece of furniture, but with your great depth of insider design knowledge that will blow them all away…mwahahahaa!


Business man wearing a grey suit sitting in modern white  Egg Chair  with buildings in the background

Make a statement that’s hard to forget.

Of course your guests may quickly forget everything you tell them about the history of The Egg. But they won’t quickly forget the statement made by this iconic furniture piece – a statement of style, originality and comfort (and of course they won’t be able to resist trying it out for themselves).

One of the main reasons the Egg chair has aged so well is that it plays by its own tune, and comfortably converses with any contemporary or more classic interior.

If your décor is more on the traditional or uniform side and you’re worried about an Egg chair feeling out of place, just pick one in a similar fabric or colour to your other pieces, and it’ll fit right in, while still maintaining its magnetic presence.


Side angle of leather and stainless steel Egg Chair in office settingFront Angle of leather and stainless steel Egg Chair on white background

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Take advantage of the cocoon effect.

You don’t have to be in an airport business lounge to appreciate the cocooning effect of the Egg chair. Home and work life is crazy enough! We all need our moment of zen for the day, and the Egg, whether in its standing or hanging form, is the perfect place to sink in for a mini retreat from the rat race.

Black and white standing Egg Chair on grey backgroundBlack and white hanging egg chair on grey background

Fun fact: the Egg was used in the first UK series of Big Brother as the diary room chair. If it could help keep those people at least semi-sane in such a highly strung emotional environment, it’s bound to do wonders for you. And don’t worry, nobody’s watching...

Brown hanging chair on outside deck in bush settingIsland setting with kubu hanging chair on balcony looking over ocean

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Instantly upgrade your patio and pretend you live in an exotic hotel.

You can’t beat the effect of a hanging Egg chair swaying gently in the breeze on a sunny (or shady) patio. It’s the ultimate cocoon of bliss to turn your favourite outdoor space into a chic, relaxed lounging spot where you can turn off the world for a couple of hours.

The hanging design is perfect for any size or shape patio – you can hang it in a corner without it taking up too much room or dominating the space. And for that matter, it will also look amazing tucked in breakfast nook or bedroom corner, giving you the ultimate bohemian hideaway.

Side view of black hanging chair on white backgroundBlack hanging chair with light grey cushions on white background

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Your babies will love it!

And by babies, we mean, of course, your pets. (Though we’re pretty sure any baby will have no objection to being soothingly swivelled to sleep in this lap of luxury.)

Close up of ginger cat laying on a blue geometric throw inside a light brown hanging chair

At the end of the day, you’ll have to decide which you love more…your furry companions, or your prize Egg – because we guarantee you’re going to be fighting over this baby. But that decision, like whether to buy an Egg chair, we leave completely up to you.