Don’t let the heat keep you from making the most of your patio this summer. Our cantilever umbrellas offer an affordable, practical and versatile shade solution to keep you cool and sheltered from the elements so you can focus on enjoying some fresh air and great company.


Our Cantilever Umbrella offers a practical, versatile, & high-quality shade option to maximize your outdoor hours on the patio or by the pool. The Cantilever design allows easy repositioning and adjustment of the height & angle of the umbrella to best suit your setting, & optimize shade throughout the day.  

  • 3m diameter umbrella with 6 supporting steel ribs provides ample shade
  • Robust powder-coated steel frame for a sturdy design to endure elements
  • Cross base (with the addition of removable base weights) provides solid anchor while remaining easily portable

Available in Grey and Beige


The Willow Cantilever Umbrella offers a practical and versatile shade option to maximize your outdoor hours on the patio. The Cantilever is easily repositioned and adjusted to best suit your setting & optimise shade throughout the day.

  • Premium UV resistant acrylic upper
  • 360° rotation with foot locking feature
  • Durable aluminium silver frame
  • Crank mechanism for easy opening and closing
  • Reclining mechanism for customised shade angles


The classic silhouette, sleek Saligna solid wood frame, and durable canvas fabric make the Wilder Umbrella a timeless addition to any patio area. With this on your porch you can enjoy the outdoors in style while escaping the sun.

In addition, the Wilder Umbrella comes with a cement base and cover included.


The Ocean Cantilever Umbrella is a premium acrylic patio umbrella that stands tall as the perfect shade caster to keep your patio cool, calm and collected. Attached to a free-standing mast and well-anchored base this patio umbrella is a 360° shading solution.

  •   Premium UV resistant acrylic upper
  •   360° rotation with locking mechanism
  •   Durable aluminium frame
  •   Weather-resistant galvanized steel base
  •   Four concrete slabs for added stability
  •   Smooth crank system to open and close canop