Finding the mattress that hits your sweet spot is only part of the picture for a great night’s sleep. Choose from our range of super comfy duck feather pillows, memory foam pillows, wedges, bed rest and pregnancy pillows designed with real humans in mind, to turn your bed into your ultimate comfort zone. Whether your bed is your nap zone, chill-...

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    The Visco Pedic Classic Soft Touch Memory foam pillow will help you sleep like never before as it moulds to your head and neck, providing postural support and luxurious comfort with its Italian Soft Touch Memory Foam Formulation. Pressure-relieving Removable hypoallergenic cover  Aloe vera & Anti Acaria treated (dust mite resistant) Firmness rating:...

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    The Visco Pedic Hybrid Memory Foam Pillow is an advanced pillow featuring two different memory foam densities on either side (one firm, one medium-firm) to offer you more dynamic and adaptive sleeping comfort.       Superior pressure relief Removable hypoallergenic cover  Aloe vera & Anti Acaria treated (dust mite resistant) Firmness rating: 6/8 30...

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    Alleviates back and muscle pains to give you the perfect night's sleep with the U-shaped contoured pregnancy pillow.This pillow features a soft white exterior in 100% cotton with removable cover.Head Support, Back Support, Bump Support, Leg Support.

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    For those who enjoy some night-time variety - this combination pillow features latex on one side for a bouncier level of support, with pressure-relieving memory foam on the reverse for that ‘sink in’ feeling with superior neck support.Removable hypoallergenic cover  Aloe vera & Anti Acaria treated (dust mite resistant) Firmness rating: 6/7 30 Day...

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    The Visco Pedic Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow is a firmer feel pillow that offers all the benefits of our high-quality pressure-relieving memory foam, with added gel technology for a cooler, more comfortable sleep through the night. Removable hypoallergenic cover  Aloe vera & Anti Acaria treated (dust mite resistant) Firmness rating: 8...

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    Sleep well with this ergonomic shredded latex pillow. This hypoallergenic pillow offers great neck support and pressure relief at the same time.Upholstered in a quality quilted cover.

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    This Visco Pedic Contour Memory Foam pillow is designed to align with the natural curve of the cervical spine, providing consistent and superior support for your neck through the night. Suitable for back and side sleepers.  Removable hypoallergenic cover  Aloe vera & Anti Acaria treated (dust mite resistant) Firmness rating: 6 30 Day money-back guarantee

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    The ultimate must have, full body pillow!  The Visco Pedic full body pillow is flexible and can wrap around your entire body providing support to six key areas of your body:  Head, Neck, Back, Shoulders, Arms, and Knees. The full body pillow also acts as a leg spacing pillow reducing strain on your lower back, knees, and ankles.

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    Luxurious plush duck feather pillow covered with soft 100% cotton percale down proof fabric. Features double needle stitching with material piping for added comfort.

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    The Visco Pedic Classic Soft Touch PLUS is a large pillow featuring our luxurious Italian Soft Touch Memory Foam Formulation that is super plush and comfortable.

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    Change your bed into a lounger with the comfortable bed rest pillow. Featuring a console pocket and carry handle.   Ideal for watching TV or reading in bed.

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    This ergonomic bed wedge offers two reclining positions for your choice of comfort. 

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    Provides gentle support to elevate upper body or legs. Provides relief for people suffering from acid reflux, breathing problems, poor circulations, hiatus hernia, back or neck problems. The top layer of high-density pressure relieving and temperature sensitive Visco-Elastic memory foam with supportive polyethylene foam base.

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    Sleep cooler while getting the support and comfort needed for a good night's rest with the Visco Pedic Synergy Pillow. Its unique memory foam chip filling is encased in a 1cm memory foam layer and provides ideal neck support and comfort. Added features include Hypoallergenic Fibres, Pressure Point Relief and Mite Resistance, making it a must-have in any...

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