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Featured product: Storage Bunk Bed - Blue

A Great Space (and Sanity) Saving Option

Your kid's bedroom idyllic refuge of learning, love and imagination… or site of a horror movie?

Many of us wish we had the luxury of designing our kids’ bedrooms from the ground up. Some innovations might include: Willy Wonka style vacuum shoots that appear from the ceiling on command to suck up and automatically sort all stray clothes/shoes/toys/books. On-demand beverage dispensers installed right over the kids’ beds, like the type you find in hamster cages. Flooring made of non-slip, tear-proof, stain-resistant foam rubber, with a built-in, crawl-activated treadmill. In fact, the easiest would probably be to just have the whole bedroom be one big jumping castle (apart from the electricity bill, would it really be such a terrible idea?).

Colourful kids room with large dark grey bunk bed with top and bottom beds connected by ladder and a small desk next to bottom bed and small shelf on side of top bed

Featured Bunk Bed: Meteor Study Bunk Bed - Charcoal


It all comes down to boundaries… or lack thereof

Of course, the biggest issue in most kids’ rooms is a certain befuddling of boundaries. Take a gander at the offspring quarters at any given hour, and you will find that the floor has become the cupboard, the cupboard has become an advanced climbing apparatus, and the rest of the house has become a fluid extension of the toy box.  And no matter the size of your kids’ rooms or your house, there seems to be a universal law in play that the number of stray items increases precisely in proportion to the available space…

Well, the bad news is, you are probably never going to win the ultimate battle over the space-time continuum until your kids hit the teen years and hopefully, just maybe, they decide that perhaps the floor does work best as a floor. But the good news is, crafty and desperate adults all over the world are working night and day on nifty, creative solutions to help keep some of the chaos under control.

Kids Double Bunk Bed with Trundle Bed

Featured product: Kids Double Bunk Bed with Trundle Bed

Multifunctional furniture – beat them at their own game

We have to give one of the top awards here to the concept of multifunctional kids’ beds with storage – the genius here being that it embraces your kids’ love of breaking the boundaries, giving them an awesome place to sleep, play, work, and let their imaginations go to town. And for mom and dad? A stylish and practical piece of furniture that does some of the multitasking for you. Sounds like a win-win, right? 

Kids room with light brown bunk bed with a white steel ladder connecting top and bottom bed featuring double shelving space in between beds

Featured product: Kids Double Bunk Bed with Trundle Bed

Bunk beds for the win

There is just something awesome and timeless about bunk beds. They seem to cross all geographical and cultural boundaries. (Again with the boundaries). The only one they don’t cross so well is the age barrier – which just proves why they are a favourite of children the world over: the bunk bed is the ultimate ‘kids only’ zone. Leave it to kids to make anything multifunctional, but the bunk bed takes the cake… boat, castle, fort, jail… it can be all things to all tiny people. And that’s just your run-of-the-mill 1960s bunk bed – you know, the one where you couldn’t sit up too quickly without bashing all your working brain cells into oblivion.

Dark brown study bunk bed with study area at the bottom and stairs that double as drawers and a bed on top

Welcome to the 21st century where the bunk bed has evolved into one of the coolest, most practical, imaginative, and multifunctional pieces of kids’ furniture around. You’ve got your standard sibling or best-buddy sleepover arrangement (and some come with an extra trundle bed for those awkward BFF friendship triangle scenarios). But then you’ve also got a bunch of awesome-sauce extras like roll-out under-bed drawers, wall-side or bed-end shelving for those bedtime story marathons, and built-in work nooks for when, you know, dad needs a place to sit and do the maths homework…

In our books at least, it’s one of the best space-saving innovations on the block.

Three examples of bunkbeds in kids rooms, one is a more traditional white bedroom with white steel bunkbed and the other two is more contemporary and multifunctional bunkbeds in colourful rooms

Featured Bunk Beds: Luna Bunk Bed - White | Meteor Study Bunk Bed - Charcoal

Out of sight, not out of (your) mind

If bunk beds aren’t barking up your particular tree, maybe you’d prefer something simpler, just a few little cheats to keep the grey hairs at bay for a little longer. For all the incredibly creative ideas out there to save space and beat the mess, it basically comes down to one simple principle: out of sight, out of mind. The chaos will always exist (oh yes, it will return), but there are many clever ways and means to contain it. For example, under-bed storage involving rolling drawers or sliding baskets is one of the best ways to capitalize on a useful space that will otherwise morph into a spider/dust bunny/lost sock haven. And any form of basket you can handily attach to a wall, in a cupboard, or in a corner is going to save you many hours of your life spent bending over, or waiting for your child to do so. Receptacles that you and your kids can just throw things into work best. Seriously, the bigger the catchment area, the better (they’re still working on those gross motor skills, after all).  

Light brown bunkbed with top and bottom beds linked with a ladder in a kids room with blue painted walls

For sanity’s sake

Alas, there are no luxury shortcuts when it comes to most of the challenges we face as parents. But when it comes to the practical stuff, it’s worth investing in one or two innovative ideas that will help you stay a little more in control of the chaos, and prevent your kids’ bedrooms becoming a war zone – where the only real winner is that evil little Lego man just waiting for your barefoot to cross his path in the middle of the night…

Bring the little hooligans along to Cielo to check out our super fun and stylish range of kids’ bedroom furniture – we promise we’ll help you find something to keep all your ducklings in a row for at least a few hours of the day. 

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