Quick Ways to Spruce Up a Room

Once upon a time, you were in love with your lounge. You poured your heart and soul into it, told it your deepest secrets and promised never to spend a moment apart. A few years down the road and...the romance has fizzled. Those colours you couldn’t get enough of feel as stale as the old rice cracker you found under the sofa. Those minimalist walls have been giving you the cold shoulder for months, and you can’t quite look your naked lounge suite in the eye anymore. Something needs to change, or it’s goodbye wine and movie nights!

Laurence Lounge Suite - Sandstone

Featured suite: Laurence Lounge Suite - Sandstone

Just like relationships, home décor needs a little spicing up from time to time. We’re humans. We get bored. Chances are you don’t have the resources to transform your entire home (maybe one day when you inherit uncle Theo’s golfing estate). But what you can do is bring back the magic, one mini room-makeover at a time. Kick the boredom and fall in love again with these quick and easy ways to spruce up any room in your home.

Scatter Cushions

Featured item: Scatter Cushions

Scatter fresh colour

Hands-down one of the easiest and most effective ways to update the look of any room is with scatter cushions. They’re named for the concept – throw them in wherever there’s a spot. They’re like the scarves of the décor world – mix and match them to change or enhance your colour scheme, dress up or dress down, set the tone of the room, and bring in a new play box of textures.

Invest in a good set of cushion inners, and you have the option to switch up the covers and give your room an instant makeover whenever the mood takes you. For instance, changing your colour palette with the seasons is a fun way to take your décor from fresh to floral, to warm, dark and moody, and back again.

To avoid things becoming too formal, play with different shapes, sizes and textures, and contrast patterns and solid colours. But also be careful to avoid any major clashes – make sure your cushion ensemble picks up on at least one of the room’s main colours, and avoid overdoing it with bold patterns and crazy colours if your room is already on the ‘extrovert’ side.

Wall Art

Featured item: Wall Art

Inspire some wall appreciation

Within these four walls you may have built a delectable décor kingdom. But perhaps those very walls are feeling a bit on the outs? If you’re looking for impact, an interesting piece of wall art will be the first thing to grab attention and turn on the atmosphere in a room, adding charm, fun, sophistication, melodrama, or something totally unexpected. If you haven’t shopped art much in the past, it’s worth spending a bit of time browsing to get a feel for what speaks to you – you’re going to want something that truly reflects your tastes and personality so you won’t be banging your head against the walls a few months in.

Rhino Abstract Canvas Art

Featured item: Rhino Abstract Canvas Art

If you’ve got a large piece of wall to dress up, buy a big enough piece that won’t get lost in the void or get dwarfed by your furniture. You can also go with a few smaller pieces grouped together, or create a gallery wall as the highlight of the room (here’s some tips on creating a cool gallery wall that will get people talking!).

To find a good balance, plan picture groupings on the floor first, and call in a second pair of hands when you’re hanging your art so you can take a step back and make sure it’s all nicely squared up.

Distinguish your décor

Your walls aren’t the only place to display your artistic tastes (or talents). Is there a corner of the room that’s looking a little lonesome? A surface that’s inspiring nothing but meaningless clutter? Turn it into a creative vignette (and kick the chaos at the same time) using a few décor pieces that build on a theme, or put a few unusual items together that create an interesting contrast (especially if you’re going for the eclectic look).


Featured item: Decor

On your search for those decorative delights you might come across a particular item that will work great all on its own as an accent piece – we’re looking at you, lonely corner! Or you might prefer the idea of blending artistry and practicality with an unusual but still useful item like a doorstop, footrest or wine rack.

Bed Storage

Featured item: Bed Storage

Style up your storage

Sometimes we underestimate the visual and emotional impact of mess. Having a chronic clean-up problem in any room will quickly have you feeling not only physically tired, but also mentally tired of that particular space – especially when it’s the area where you spend the majority of your home time. Keen for a quick fix?

Shelving and Display Units

Featured item: Shelving and Display Units

Clearly, you can’t change you and your family’s habits overnight. But what you can do is pick up some stylish storage solutions that help solve the mess problem while also adding some fresh sophistication to your space. Leaning ladder shelves are awesome for bathrooms and bedrooms (finally, a furniture item that’s actually designed to have stuff carelessly slung over it!), while wicker baskets can be the all-purpose holdalls for any room in the house. Of course, you can also use either of these as purely decorative feature pieces – and they’re so versatile, you can always redecorate and swap them over to another room to freshen things up without spending a cent.

Indonesian Decor

Featured item: Indonesian Decor

With a little imagination, there’s always a simple way to spruce up your décor with minimal time, money and effort. For more ideas and a unique range of hand-picked items to bring back the spark to your home romance, visit Cielo online or in store today.

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