The Velvet Trend

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The velvet invasion

Looking for one sure-fire way to trend it up with your home décor this year? Look no further than velvet. If you noticed this comeback trend last year but hadn’t got round to digging great Aunt Nellie’s antique velvet chaise lounge out of storage, it’s not too late – the velvet revolution is still in full swing, with even more beautiful designs and creative ways to give your home that luxurious velvet touch.

Modern charcoal coloured velvet couch with crossbeam wooden legs, on a white background

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The good news: you can forego the foraging expedition this time – which, let’s face it, is probably just going to reveal that Aunt Nellie’s sumptuous sofa was the one you repurposed as the dogs’ bed. The stuffy, stiff velvet of yore (ie. ‘yore’ gran’s Sunday tea) has thankfully been revived and modernised into something softer, prettier, and more family-friendly.

Velvet pink Chesterfield-style couch with two scatter cushions against a dark grey wall

Velvet, the versatile

A lot of people think velvet is a fabric all of its own. Actually, velvet just refers to a particular weaving process that can, technically, be applied to almost any kind of fibre.  The difficulty of pulling this off back in the days before industrial power looms was the main thing that made velvet so valuable – a luxury reserved for VIPs. Of course, this also had something to do with the fact that velvet was traditionally made from pure silk. Today, silk remains the Rolls Royce of velvets, but it can also be made from cotton, rayon, synthetic fibres, or a mixture. Which means we now have our choice of velvets that are not only more affordable but more versatile, durable and practical. 

Collection of three velvet dining chairs on a white background

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Practical, you say?

The idea of velvet furniture may invoke a host of nightmare child/pet/spouse-induced cleaning scenarios. While it’s true that velvet is not the most stain-resistant and easy-cleaning fabric you’ll have in your house, it’s not as bad as you think. Modern velvets, especially those with some synthetics built-in, are easier to maintain and can deal with the odd spill, especially if you act quickly with a bowl of sudsy water and a soft cloth. In worst-case scenarios, and with certain kinds of velvets, dry cleaning may be necessary. But the rest of the time, you can easily keep your velvet in great shape with a quick weekly brushing.

Emerald green velvet armchair with wooden legs  on white background

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A major advantage of velvet is that, unlike a lot of other materials, it has no loose threads or raised weave, which means it can’t snag or easily tear. Neither will it hold onto dirt or hairs, which is great news for pet owners. In fact, its pile is quite similar to that of a rug, which makes it extremely durable, especially when you’re buying quality upholstered velvet furniture. 

House interior with emerald green and dark grey accents, lots of potted plants with view into living room with emerald green velvet couch

Adding that velvet touch to your home

The great thing about velvet is that you don’t need to go overboard with it. Just a piece here and there – perhaps a lampshade, a statement chair, or a few scatter cushions will immediately raise the luxury level of any room and keep things feeling modern (unless, of course, you’re all about embracing those days of yore in a more period style home). Experimenting with accessories is an easy way in to give your space a quick update with some fresh colour and texture while not breaking the bank.

Cosy neutral coloured bedroom with velvet pink headboard, white bedding with chunky light blue wool knitted light throw 

Romance in the bedroom

What better place than the bedroom to introduce some smooth, soft velvety indulgence? Perhaps a sumptuous velvet throw to add the snuggle factor on cold winter nights? And nothing beats a velvet headboard to give a bedroom an immediate feeling of luxury and that unmistakeable ‘come hither’ appeal.

Room with large windows with yellow velvet curtains

If you have a bedroom with a darker or warmer colour scheme, a few deep or brighter coloured velvet pieces will help provide that textural contrast it needs to define and create visual interest. Velvet also has fantastic insulating qualities, so you may even consider dressing your windows with some luxury lines that will help keep out the cold.

Royal blue velvet and golden steel frame bed with white bedding in a bedroom with dark grey accent wall

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Living area love

Of course, these principles all apply to your living area as well. Because this is the space that will get the most attention, if you want to really make a statement with velvet, this is the place to do it.

Velvet grey, buttoned couch on light grey rug in modern living room

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Accessories or even curtains can go a long way in creating focal contrasts and livening up any living space.

But without a doubt, the best way to experience velvet in all its glory is with seating.

Classic styled velvet blue couch with buttoned back and arm rests in a modern living room setting

Featured item: Luther Couch - Silver Blue

A velvet sofa is an investment that carries its weight in style and maximum comfort, giving your space an expensive, luxury feel without having to add anything else.

Left image is velvet teal tub dining chairs around classic wooden dining table , on the right is stone velvet tub dining chair on a white background

Featured item: Lennon Dining Room Chair - Teal

A velvet dining set can achieve the same effect – just beware, your guests won’t want to leave the table

Collection of three velvet ottomans in different colours and shapes

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For less of a commitment, consider a statement chair, or even an ottoman to provide just that injection of something bold and different to give your space some opulence and flair. 

 Classic velvet teal couch with beige throw and white/teal scatter cushion in living room

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