What Rugs Can Do For You!

It’s the first thing we make contact with but usually the last thing we notice as we walk into a room. Floors are kind of taken for granted given the amount of abuse they have to take from us – the hot coffee spills, the mud tracks, the baby spit-up, the dog bums... Isn’t it time we started showing our floors some love? Just one more reason to splurge on a gorgeous new rug! (As if you needed an excuse, right?)

Of course it’s not just about how a rug can help protect your floors – it’s what they can do for the look of a room, your home as a whole, your lifestyle, even your mood. Oh yeah, the rug romance is real. But how do you know what kind of rug personality to go for? What style is going to be your best bosom buddy and bring the kinds of rewards you’re looking for? If you’re ready for some rug love, but wondering where to look for your perfect match, read on to see what some of our favourite styles of rugs can do for you!

Natural fibres

Are you all about the rugged outdoors? Or maybe you prefer to bring nature indoors where you can savour it perfectly well from the comfort of your oversize corner couch? Blending soothing neutral tones and made from materials like cotton, jute, sisal, sea-grass or hemp, natural fibre rugs bring in subtle, earthy elements that will beautifully enhance a rustic or farmhouse décor style (wondering what the difference is between those two?), while being hardy enough to stand up to your muddy boots as you traipse in from another inspired day up in the mountains or out in the vineyards.

Unfussy, easy to clean and highly versatile, these humble hard workers are also great for layering with patterned and brighter rugs for a broader colour palette. Or you can go for a natural fibre rug with woven Navajo, Moroccan or other tribal designs to rustle up your rustic with some exotic flair.


Austin Powers with his shag pad may be a dim and distant cult icon, but the shag rug has been making a big comeback. And it’ll keep making you want to come back to bask in all its shaggy glory. Great to walk on, sit on, lie on (and don’t be surprised to come in to find your significant other rolling around on it with the kids or the pets...or without them), shag is all about texture and tactile comforts.

With its plush high pile, it works best in solid colours or subtle patterns. It will instantly add warmth and textural contrast, bringing a soft-focus visual appeal to any room in the house. While shag is a little more tricky to keep clean, you’ll agree its totally worth it as you sink into its soft embrace with a glass of wine on a Friday night. Just stick to darker colours where pets or kids are involved, and you’re golden. Who says we can’t bring some 70’s mojo back? Shagadelic, baby!


If you’re in love with a luxurious modern look, there’s no better way to add the finishing touch than with a piece of nature’s art. Hides are unique as statement pieces, where no two are exactly the same. With their sleek looks and lustrous sophistication, hides also add a brush of warmth and rustic flavour to your space. Let it steal the floor, use it as a throw over a leather sofa, or even hang it on a wall to show it off to full effect.

If you love all those leathery good looks but prefer something more geometric, cow hide rugs offer all the same luxuries and practical benefits – easy cleaning, natural stain resistance, hypo-allergenic characteristics, and a soothing caress for tired feet. Best of all, with some simple care, this is the one kind of rug you can safely fall in love with, knowing it’s going to last you a lifetime.


Still got great aunt Hilda’s favourite Persian rug down in storage? There’s never been a better time to bust it out. A vintage rug can be used pretty much anywhere to make a statement and create visual interest. The key here is contrast (like aunt Hilda’s combination of gentian violet locks and orange lips), so rather keep the old china and Victorian chairs under wraps for now – it’s best to pair your blast from the past with modern furniture to keep things fresh, or perhaps even go full on eclectic (in case you’re wondering, here’s how to pull it off). And if aunt Hilda left you out of the will, you can still get the antique look at an affordable price with a distressed style traditional rug – this revived look is happening everywhere, so you won’t have to look far. Here’s looking at you, golden oldies!    


Or maybe you’ve always been one to swing with the mods, updating your styles like a Youtube playlist. A contemporary rug is your ticket to having at least one item that can blend in with the constant flux of modern trends – at least for a while! Contemporary rugs generally come in fairly neutral tones featuring abstract designs, more subdued free-form patterns, or popular geometric patterns like trellis and chevron. As a more neutral and versatile design element, they’re easy to pair with a wide range of furniture and décor, and will help keep you and your living space feeling centred, and still totally with it. Yay for sanity in the chaos of modern life!

Now you’ve got some idea what style of rug may be calling your name, don’t be shy to strike up that rug romance you’ve been waiting for.

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Happy hunting!

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