Okello Canvas Collection

The Okello is a captivating series of hand-painted wall art. Each piece creates more than enough intrigue to stand on its own, but when combined, the trio of canvases creates a mesmerising effect in your living space. As an abstract showcase for the sun passing through the day, the Okello series sparks rich conversation in any contemporary setting.


The Okello set comprises three hand-painted canvases—Dawn, Noon, and Rising—with each piece capturing a harmonious moment of the day's passage. Their unified effect is undeniably enchanting, bringing sophisticated and eye-catching appeal to your living space. 


The Okello Dawn is an intriguing piece of hand-painted wall art. Each stroke on this premium canvas stands out with abstract appeal. This exquisite artwork hints at dawn's first light and offers timeless charm when introduced to your homespace. 


The Okello Noon captures the zenith of daylight in bold monochrome. This hand-painted canvas piece is alluring in any setting, whether personal or professional. With its captivating design, it’s perfect for discerning homemakers who want to infuse their space with sophistication.


The Okello Rising is a distinguished hand-painted canvas, where serene waves meet a bold, ascending sphere. This piece is a perfect selection to introduce artful inspiration and contemporary grace into your living space.