Cookware - 21 Days of Deals

Transform your culinary creations with Nouvelle's premium selection of cast iron cookware. Elevate your cooking with craftsmanship that promises to bring out the best in every meal. Each piece is a masterclass in durability, heat retention, and flavour enhancement. Browse Nouvelle Cookware for 21 Days of Deals and make the ultimate kitchen upgrade.


Introducing the new Nouvelle Cast Iron 8 Piece Cookware Set - Plum! This stylish new colour range transforms your kitchen experience by introducing the rich smooth colour tones framed in the same high-quality guaranteed cookware, featuring:

  • All new gold lid handles
  • 32cm Cast Iron Roaster
  • 30cm Cast Iron Oven Pan
  • 26cm Cast Iron Skillet
  • 20cm Cast Iron Casserole
  • 24cm Cast Iron Casserole

Made from high-quality enameled cast iron, this exquisite new collection is the new addition your kitchen needs!